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600mg/day gamma oryzanol supplementation during the 9 week resistance training increased muscular strength in young healthy males.

The Effects of GAMMA ORYZANOL on Muscular Strength (Double-blind clinical trial)


  • 30 heathy males (18 to 32 age) take 600 mg of γ-oryzanol or Lactose (as placebo) after training for 9 weeks.
  • The subjects exercised with 80% 1-Repetition Maximum(1-RM), for 1 hour and 4 days/week.
  • Anthropometric measurements and subject’s 1-RM for muscular strength (Bench press and Leg curl) were determined at the commencement and end of the 9-week study.


After gamma oryzanol supplementation, there were significant differences between the supplement and placebo groups for bench press and leg curl, which showed that gamma oryzanol improved muscle strength following resistance training. However, there was no significant difference in the means of anthropometric and skin fold measurements between the supplement and placebo groups.

Increment of muscular strength

Before After Before After
Bench press (kg)
26.75±1.74 30.28±2.24* 25.43±2.06 26.11±2.01
Leg curl (kg)
32.22±2.10 35.25±3.42* 32.00±1.87 32.04±2.54

*p<0.01 compared to placebo
values are mean ±SD


  • 600 mg/day γ-oryzanol supplementation during 9-week resistance training increased muscular strength in young healthy males. Although, it did not change the anthropometric and body measurements,

γ-oryzanol can be expected to aid exercise performance for athletes.

Source: Indian J Med Res. 2014 Jun; 139(6): 857-863


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