Research and Development Department

Through worldwide networks and the pursuit of truth, R&D has made a number of impossibilities possible.


We at Oryza specialize in the research of preventive medicine for modern diseases. As society develops, so also changes the composition of diseases. Today allergies and stress are the leading causes of disease; other illnesses have been conquered such as cancer, heart disease and brain-related diseases. As society's needs change, we keep in step with the latest trends and information via networks that span the globe. Our research focuses on discovering two types of power in nature, namely activity and control. Oryza continually aims high to respond to changing health needs.

Now, even within the medical field, disease prevention through proper diet and health is being given special attention. Our eternal theme is to block aging of both mind and body by building a strong foundation of health. Our research staff are trained carefully and are hard at work discovering new functional substances and conducting beneficial research.

By exchanging information with technical organizations in Japan and around the world, we make peoples' hopes and dreams a reality, one at a time, as we improve the functionality of evaluative technology.