Effects of Oryza Gammax®

Functional Effects on Our Body

Elevation of surface temperature, Activation of sebaceous glands, Inhibition of melanin formation

Metabolism, Digestion
Lowering of cholesterol, Lowering of blood sugar level, Accumulation of glycogen, Centrally acting intestinal movement Anti-colon cancer, Inhibition of IBS

Post-menopausal syndrome, Autonomic nerve disturbance, Anti-stress

Whole Body
Anti-allergy, Anti-inflammation, Anti-oxidation, Anti-fatigue, Muscle strength, Vitamin E-like effect, Pain relief of head, neck, eyes, shoulder, and hip

Anti-ulcer, Centrally acting stomach movement.

Antioxidant Effects of Gamma Oryzanol

The antioxidant effect of  γ-oryzanol was well documented and excellent in inhibiting lipid peroxidation. Kanno et al reported that  γ-oryzanol (0.5% ~1%) inhibited thermal oxidative polymerization of soybean oil. The antioxidant effect of  γ-oryzanol is contributed by ferulic acid entity, meanwhile, BHT and a-tocopherol has been revealed to be heat resistant. In addition, Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical Co. Ltd. showed that the antioxidant effect of  γ-oryzanol was potentiated with amino acid. According to Rodin’s iron method, the induction period of certain peroxide was measured, as illustrated in Figure 1, there was synergistic increased in antioxidant effect of  γ-oryzanol and amino acids. The excellent heat resistance property of  γ-oryzanol is highly suitable to be incorporated in heat processed food. Currently in Japan,  γ-oryzanol is approved and listed as “antioxidant” under the list of chemical composition of food additives.

Figure 1:
The Antioxidant Effect of γ-oryzanol and in combination with amino acids.

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