Company Philosophy

Accepting the challenge of utilizing chemistry and technology to reveal nature's power.

While great strides are being made in technology, the secrets of nature remain largely unrevealed. In fact, as scientific technology advances further, we have come to realize just how vast the area of unknown nature is. Today, people in the U.S. are turning to nature and eastern medicine to supplement the knowledge of western medicine. Our objective at Oryza is to learn more about natural elements so we can discover hidden powers that will benefit the health of humankind. We use the latest modern technology to examine the most primitive of actions including eating and skin care using only natural substances. The possibilities are endless and we will continue researching natural elements until we are able to make them reveal their secret bounty to us.

Oryza Company Philosophy

Creating highly effective natural products for everyone's health and happiness.

It is the same in any age: people are continuously searching for health, happiness and hope. Focused on these dreams, we look to merge nature with chemistry. Humankind has always had the capacity to interact with the environment and use nature's remedies to treat illness and injury. In a manner of speaking, as one member that helps to form the natural world, each human holds the appropriate ability. To extract this unforgotten ability, we use the power of the natural world. We live together carefully with this thing called nature to realize this idea based on its theory. We are aim to make use nature's infinite power in all industries and lifestyles by applying the frontiers of chemistry.