Company Outline

With the theme of merging nature with chemistry, we aim to establish an industry situated between the levels of manufacturing and commerce based on the concept of living together with nature.

Since before civilization existed, mankind has had the power to heal naturally and has understood the inherent power of herbal medicines. As our society advances however, our basic knowledge of nature remains unchanged. We at Oryza will contribute to peoples' health and wholesome lifestyles by gradually revealing this undiscovered fortune. Since humans are a part of nature's cycle, we believe in her power. We should take advantage of this insight when using our technological knowledge to discover her hidden treasures. This concept of merging nature and chemistry does not belong in any one industrial category, but is situated between manufacturing and commerce. By founding our company on the idea of placing importance on nature and by undertaking innovative research into new concepts, Oryza aims to become a human health company known around the world.


Company History

1939 Established Gifu Rice Bran Oil Plant in Kasamatsu-cho Hashima-gun, Gifu Prefecture. Started manufacturing by compression techniques.
1943 Plant worked for Japanese military forces.
1949 Introducing of solvent extraction methods.
1954 Reorganizing of Gifu Rice Bran Oil Plant Co., Ltd.
1964 Name changed to Oryza Oil and Fat Chemical Co., Ltd. Ichinomiya plant completed.
1976 Succeeded in development of low temperature extraction method (NEM). Applied for a patent with major countries.
1980 Development of manufacturing of "GAMMA ORYZANOL". Commenced sales of the pure rice germ oil, "TOUGHLON". Entered the medical goods and health food fields.
1981 Completed the rotating cell extraction plant as a model plant of NEM technology for foreign sales.
1982 Received patent for NEM. Exported the NEM plant to Shinyang Rice & Oil Co., Ltd. in South Korea.
1983 Established affiliated companies Argos Co., Ltd. and System Athena Co., Ltd..
1986 Exported the NEM plant and SUPER FILTER to three provinces in China.
1988 Contract for the exporting of the NEM plant and SUPER FILTER to PHIC in Myanmar [cooperation with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. and Yoshino Seisakusho Co., Ltd.]. Exporting of the SUPER FILTER to Taiwan.
1991 Completion of the consistent processing line from powder mixing to pelletizing. Commencement of trust production.
1995 After conducting joint research with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, a new type of mass production technology was developed and a patent was applied for Rice Germ Enriched with Gamma Aminobutyric Acid.
1996 Commenced sales of "ORYZA GABA GERM". Commenced sales of "ORYZA GABA 21", a nutritional food supplement containing the main ingredients of "ORYZA GABA GERM". Designated as an authorized small- to medium-sized creative industry.
1997 Discovery of the strong effects against allergies and inflammation in polyphenol and flavonoid compounds in perilla seeds and reported to the Agricultural Chemical Society of Japan. Sales begun under the name of "PERILLA SEED EXTRACT".
1998 Succeeded in technological development of fractionating process of tocotrienol, minute ingredient found in rice germ oil. Commenced sales under the name of "ORYZA TOCOTRIENOL", which has cholesterol reducing effect and internal anti-oxidization effect.
Reported "Positive Effects of Rice Germ Enriched with Gamma Aminobutyric Acid against Human Insomnia, Depression and Autonomic Nervous System Disorder" to Japan Society of Food Science and Technology.
1999 Discovered strong antibacterial effect against oral germs in polyphenols and flavonoids contained in perilla seeds. Reported to Japanese Society for Bacteriology. Succeeded in extracting / fractionating ceramide (glycosphingolipid) from rice bran and rice
2000 Reported "A Clinical Study of Skin Beautifying Effects in Rice-derived Ceramide Food Products".
Discovered high concentration of polyphenol with a strong anti-oxidizing activity in evening primrose seed. Also found sugar assimilation inhibitory activity.
2001 Reported "Inhibitory Effect of EVENING PRIMROSE EXTRACT on Increased Blood Sugar in Response to Diet Loading in Patients with Borderline or Mild Diabetes". Confirmed the apoptosis-inducing behavior and skin whitening behavior in evening primrose extracts.Started the sales of "BROCCOLI SPROUT POWDER", which contains high amount of sulforaphane, supposed cancer preventer; the "LITCHI SEED EXTRACT", with collagenase, hyaluronitase and tyrosinase inhibitory activity; "ORYZA STEROL", a product extracted from rice bran and rice germs which can reduce cholesterol; and "FERMENTED RICE GERM EXTRACT", another product extracted from fermented rice germ which activates macrophage and natural killer cells.
2002 Certified as ISO9001.
Released powder with a high content of lutein ester, which prevents AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) by the name "LUTEIN-P80". Released "PURPLE RICE EXTRACT" a total cosmoceutical ingredient that inhibits elastase, collagenage, hyaluronidase, and tyrosinase activity while repressing melanin formation and delaying carbohydrate absorption.
2003 "BUCKWHEAT LEAF EXTRACT", a new material that can prevent vascular disorders, is launched. "BUCKWHEAT LEAF EXTRACT" was developed aimed at relieving symptoms of cold sensitivity and stiff shoulders, by using its benefits to improve bllod circulation and recover skin temperature. 
ORYZA OIL & CHEMICAL CO., LTD. confirms that the polyphenol contained in evening primrose can inhibit the growth, adhesion, and colonization of H. pylori, suppressing the
 secretion of urease. Utilizing these properties, a new product with the name "EVENING PRIMROSE EXTRACT" is launched.
ORYZA OIL & CHEMICAL CO., LTD. confims that coffee beans can burn fat, facilitate the decomposition of fat, and inhibit the absorption and the accumulation of fat. Utilizing these properties, a multi-diet product is developed and launched as "COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT".
2004 "JAPANESE BUTTERBUR EXTRACT" has been proven to be an effective natural agent for the prevention of allergies and hay fever. "ALPHA LIPOIC ACID" is renown for its potent antioxidative activity with pronounced skin whitening effect and promote lean muscle formation and healthy weight loss. Meanwhile, "CITRUS UNSHIU EXTRACT" which rich content of beta-cryptoxanthin has been identified as a potential natural substance for the prevention against osteoporosis and skin hyperpigmentation. "YUZU SEED EXTRACT" from the famous Japanese Grapefruits is now reconized as a popular health ingredient for skin rejuvenation and as blood circulation enhancer.
2005 "CACAO EXTRACT" with weight loss and "KIWI SEED EXTRACT" with beautifying effects were launched as new products. CACAO EXTRACT includes theobromine and polyphenol and enhances energy expenditure. KIWI SEED EXTRACT contains flavonoid glycoside (quercitrin) and prevents acne, inflammation and melanin synthesis. ORYZA TRITERPENOID was launched as an excellent cholesterol-lowering effect.
2006 "ASTAXANTHIN" possesses multiple health beneficial effects based on anti-oxidative activity. "RED GINGER EXTRACT" with anti-inflammatory activity is effective for joint diseases. "WALNUT POLYPHENOL" is rich in condenced type polyphenol and exhibits hepatoprotective and hypolipidemic activity. "CHINESE CHIVE SEED EXTRACT" contains allyl cysteine and exhibits tonic, anti-fatigue, immunomodulative and stamina effects.
2007 Tokyo branch office got in service. Head office was renewed and new factory started operation.
"CISTANCHE TUBULOSA EXTRACT" improves brain function, fatigue, and cholesterol metabolism and enhances stamina, beautifying and hair growth. "RED RICE EXTRACT" containing proanthocyanidins is effective for metabolic symdrome. "WHITE JERRY FUNGUS EXTRACT" suppresses lipid absorption and improve intestinal micro flora for weight loss.
2008 "STRAWBERRY SEED EXTRACT" exhibits weight loss ans beautifying effects. The extract enhances ceramide and hyarulonan synthesis in skin and suppresses melanin production. "FUCOXANTHIN" derived from Kombu enhance energy expenditure and suppresses melanin synthesis.
2009 Honored as "active and innovative small and medium enterprises 300" by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Certified to comply "health food raw material GMP" by Japanese Institute of Health Food Standards.
"LINGONBERY EXTRACT" contains arbutin and exhibits whitening effect. "ORYZA PROTEIN" and "ORYZA PEPTIDE" are rice derived products and exhibit weight loss and beautifying effects.
2010 "SAKURA EXTRACT" with beautifying effect was launched, featured by Japanese traditional beauty and anti-ageing through anti-glycation effect. It was awarded as "most attractive product" in ifia/HFE JAPAN.



Company Outline

Company name Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical Co., Ltd.
Location 1 Numata Kitagata-cho Ichinomiya City Aichi Pref. 493-8001 JAPAN
Founded April 1939
Company established January 1954
Capital 30 million yen
Total land area 24,915 square meters
Total area of buildings 4,950 square meters
Business fields Edible rice salad oil, medical products, medical product mediums, cosmetic ingredients, functional food ingredients, nutraceutical foods, chemicals, fertilizers, feed
Company executives Hiromichi Murai – President CEO
Hiroto Kato – Director
Hiroshi Shimoda – Director (R&D)
Chizuko Murai – Auditor
Affiliated companies Argos Co., Ltd. (environmental sanitation service)

Dealing Banks

Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, LTD. UFJ Bank, LTD.